Teresa’s Trattoria

** Vincentia Village Produce Market: Stallholder Spotlight **
Each fortnight, we are spotlighting a wonderful stallholder from our Vincentia Village Produce Markets. This week, we are lucky enough to have the beautiful Teresa, giving us all the inside info on her business Teresa’s Trattoria, her food van, products and a few random details about her fabulous life.
1. Tell us about your product/produce/stall?
Teresa’s Trattoria is a van dedicated to fresh pasta and sauces ready to be consumed on site or as a take home commodity. We also serve an array of Italian side dishes.
2. What makes your product so dang good/special?
All are products are manufactured with produce sourced locally and are made following family recipes and traditions
3. What is your most favourite word in world ?
L ❤ V E
4. How do you make/ source/ grow your produce/product?
See second answer
5. Why did you choose Vincentia Village Produce Markets?
Why not to choose Vincentia?? The pearl of Jervis Bay, with the most awesome stallholders and organisers and the best customers in the area.
6. What is your favourite comfort food?
Spaghetti Bolognese of course!!! And cottolette alla Parmigiana (Parma Snichnitzels for you!!)
7. What’s your favourite thing about being a stallholder?
You get to talk to great customers, the helpers are just unbelievable and the music is tops!
8. If you had to pick a spirit animal — what would it be?
A cat of course!
9. What is the pick of the bunch on your stall today?
Lasagne, but keeps your eyes open in the following weeks as I reveal my Christmas menu
10. If you could attempt any other profession in the world; what would it be?
Combine my teaching degree and love for cooking and teach “Get to basics” cooking!
So don’t forget to check out Teresa’s Trattoria this week at the markets – her lasagne & garlic bread is TO DIE FOR.
See y’all on Thursday!!

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