Apply to become a Stallholder

Would you like to become a stallholder @ VVPM?

Can you provide:

  • Authentic, regional, fresh, seasonal produce
  • Artisan food products/street eats
  • Whole foods
  • Local art
  • Hand crafted sustainable, up-cycled products
  • Locally sourced flora, seedlings & plants
  • Hand made preserves, jams & sauces
  • Anything else that falls within the bounds of local/ regional/ handmade/ sustainable

Well, fill out an VVPM Stallholder Application Form and send it through to: for assessment.

Please read our Market Guidelines to ensure you meet the criteria.

Have some questions?? Check our FAQ’s

Still have more ponderables? Feel free to contact us!

Our Privacy Policy is available here: VVPM_Privacy Policy


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